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"2017 Susquehanna River Flathead BEATDOWN!"

I am a full time fishing guide. In business since 2010. My time on the water is evident through my pictures. My character is revealed through the reviews and word of mouth advertising from my people. I have witnessed over 30 Flathead over 40 pounds on my boat. The largest of which was 48 pounds. 

What to Expect?

  I will do everything in my power to make your adventure a fun, successful, safe, and memorable experience. Most nights consist of 4 to 20 Flathead between 6-13 pounds. My goal is catch at least 1 over 20 pounds per trip.  The magic in all fishing is in the possibilities of each unique adventure. Keeping an open positive mind will help you appreciate the experience more.


(The River Dog)

Meet my River Dog an 18Ft. SeaArk jet tunnel. She is 8 feet wide making her a very stable fishing platform. I set her up for 3 passengers and myself to fish in comfort.  Other boats may appear better on looks, size or speed but this one has something money cant buy. You might call it lucky but, its more than that. My rig was created from pure passion and love.


 First off I'm a fisherman and captain Joe put us on the fish immediately. Secondly I'm a husband and captain Joe kept my wife excited and engaged the entire trip. She was so excited and happy to reel those fish in. I cant put a price tag on that experience. Whether youre a family man a novice or a serious angler Captain Joe can set the stage for an amazing show on the water.


- Joe Belcher- customer for life.

​Hey Joe, Thanks again for last night, we had an absolute blast! You exceeded our expectations in every way! Your attention to detail and patience with less experienced anglers was awesome. We would have been happy with our catch after the first hour but to pull in 20+lb Flathead alll night long was truly magical!
Tight Lines,
Lindsey, Audrey & Paul ​​

I've been on many guided fishing trips. Joe was by far the best! He does everything in his power to put you on fish from the time you get on the boat till you get off. I learned more in a 8 hour trip with Joe then I have in years of fishing. He tells you everything he is doing and why. He truly has a passion for flatheads and it shows in the fish he puts on his boat! If your looking for the best on the river, Joe is definitely your man! Counting the days till my next trip. Thanks for the amazing night!! Can't wait to get back on the water with you and catch that new state record!!!

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