About Me

It is not merely something that I do. It is who I am!
Fishing is not simply my escape
It is where I truly belong
Where I am supposed to be!
It is not a place that I go
but a life long journey I am taking
It is a passage that my father showed to me
And that I will continue to show to others
When you understand all of this
You will then know me
and we will fish together"

  I am a pastors son. I was raised in a family with christian morals. I am honest loyal and I have a good heart. I have the type of personality that can get along with almost any one. I am a good teacher and I truly enjoy helping others to catch big catfish.  

 For over 18 years I worked in a machine shop where I got my journeyman machinist papers. I was a pretty good machinist but, over the years I realized machining wasn't my calling. All I could think about was fishing. I spent every weekend every vacation day and every spare moment I had fishing. I was in love with it. Toward the end of my machining career I began to hate it badly. It got so bad I didn't want to get out of bed in the mourning. Dreading the environment and people in it.  I was born to fish and I always thought if I could just find a way to fish for a living I could truly be happy. A door opened for me to start my guide business full time and I jumped through it. I was willing to risk everything to make my calling in life a reality.  It is amazing what you can accomplish when you want something bad enough. 9 years later I am still a full time fishing guide doing what god put me here to do.

 I have had a magnificent obsession since I first got hooked on cat fishing. That dream is not just to catch and certify the PA state record Flathead catfish but, also for it to be larger than any fish of any specie ever caught in Pennsylvania history . It will take a new level of obsession. If I want it bad enough I will have it. 

I fish for FLATHEAD...
Because Every thing else
is just BAIT!!

This is a sign I received