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Hunter Bremmer

This is my friend and very 1st client. They booked a trip in July 2010. It was the hottest day of the year. The water temp was over 92 degrees. The cats were stressed and not feeding. I saved the night by fishing near a cool creek. We caught around 12 smaller cats that night. I was disappointed but they were not. They both got new personal best catfish. They believed in me enough to come back in 2011. This was the best trip in Hooked on Catfishing history. Please see the video in 2011 video section "Bremmer Trip". They were so tired they couldn’t lift one more giant catfish. They booked again for the 2nd Sat. in October 2012. In the summer of 2012 hunter died tragically. His father Dave cancelled the trip and asked me if i would dedicate 1 cast with a state record size bait to Hunter on the night they had booked. I did honor him as his father requested with a huge bullhead and a few words of respect. That cast caught the biggest fish of the night a 25#er with a lot of spunk. From 2013 forward every 2nd Sat in Oct will be Hunter Bremmer night. One cast will be made with a huge bait dedicated to the man who helped make my dreams come true.