Captains Log 2014

Jan. 2014


​I have taken a full time job as a machinist temperarily until May when I will be guideing full time again. I will still be running trips in March and april but only on weekends and evenings. I have been busy getting everything ready for catfish hunting in 2014. I have pretied hundreds of rigs. I Got a $630 shippment of catfish goodies from catfish connection. I got all the glowsticks and terminal tackle I will need for this year. Along with some things to expierament with. I  am developing some new techniques that I came up with last year. I sure did learn alot last year. This year will be the year that record will be in my boat. Its any bodys fish its just a mattter of being in the right place at just the right time.


The nightcrawlers are everywhere! It's ofishally cat fishing season! Stockpile them while ya can fellow catters! Free bait for bait:)


I got a new stainless steel 4 blade impellar today. My old impellar was bad I sharpened it to many times and removed a lot of material. It has deep cavitation burns and the liner was grooved as well . The advantages of a 4 blade impellar is it helps a heavy boat plain out faster and in some cases can increase top speed. Cant wait to see the 4 blade difference.


Took my boat out for the first time in 2014 today. The new impeller is awesome boat jumps on plane way quicker . I also picked up about 4 miles per hour I got 36 out of it today. Thats is the fastest I've ever gone in my boat. Tournament day is tommorrow. Should be a lot of fun. I gotta get some rest.


I competed in the 1st catfish tournament of 2014 on Saturday. It was a slow bite. Then we had motor problems. We thought the battery was the problem. So we got a tow back to Top Water Marine to get a battery, Hooked a fresh battery up, Motor fired and started purring seemed to be fine so he loaned us the battery until weigh in because my wallet was in the truck. We headed to the turnpike bridge. after 3 hours of no trouble. The Motor wouldn't start again. We used the trolling motor to get back down river. It was not strong enough for the current when we got back to canal lock ramp. We were washed passed the ramp by 50 yards. We tried the motor again and it fired so I backed us out it stayed running long enough to get on the trailer I think my alternator is malfunctioning. Needless to say we didn't make it back to the Weigh in. Or to return the borrowed battery. I will take it back Monday mourning


I finished my mobile bait tank today . I made it out of a 150 quart igloo cooler with a flip up hatch on the lid for dumping a bucket of bait in. I mounted the air pump on the front inside of a Pyrex housing to keep it from getting wet. then I wired two toggle switches and attach them to the lid of the Pyrex container. 1 switch controls the air pump the other switch controls the filter . Lastly I used battery clips to connect it to the battery so that I can quickly and easily connect and disconnect it.


.I saw a client at breakfast this morning. He had the picture from our trip as the screensaver on his phone it really made me feel good he said he can't wait to come out with me again this year. This was the picture

I was invited to the Hamilton annual 1st day of trout over night party. Its a family tradition of theirs. Its all about their love of fishing and sharing that with family and friends. I was right at home being a fisherman. I met many new people and potential clients. I helped several kids that were skunked catch a trout or two. I did what I could to help. Its a good feeling seeing those kids get hooked up 


The new logo is done! T shirts will arrive 4/18


The river is high and the channel cat bite is on. This piggy went 13.5#. It is my biggest cat so far in 2014


This is my latest investment for hooked on cat fishing Productions. A Canon Powershot XS 50 12.1 megapixel camera, the new Sony action cam as100vr and multiple attachments including head cam. I'm looking forward to using the action cam to do some underwater video as well as time lapse photography. The cannon has a 50 x zoom which is absolutely sick I should be able to capture some stunning shots and great video with this


Started 2014 off with the 1st guided trip of the year. It was to cold for flathead but the channels were in high gear.We had a great time fishing for channels. We caught 14 fish from 7- 13.5#. 


My good freinds and one of my best customers schedualed a channel cat fishing trip. As aleays the early spring channels did not disapoint. Mike got a new PB chammel at 11# and his boy steven tied his PB with a 13.5. Great night. Remember my channel trips are $50 less. They are really fun and are during the day


I personally prefer conventional reels. How ever I have found that most of my clients prefer spinning reels. So I have invested in top shelf Shimano Bait runner 12000D flathead slaying spinning reels. Nothing but the best for the anglers who choose to fish with Hooked On Catfishing Guide Service


Moving in to cat fish camp today. Its good to be back. Im going to fish harder in 2014 than I ever have before. Im gonna put in some time on the river. That record is mine.


finally found the problem with the motor not chargeing the battery. That set me back $1200 then the next sunday my key swich went bad. Their goes another $300. I am seeing why BOAT stands for Bet On Another Thousand.  I should have all the bugs worked out now I am eady to do some hard core catfishing


My dad came down to help at camp this weekend. Our #1 priority was installing my new awning. i took us all day sat bot we got it done. We also got to spend some time together. After my brother passed away resently. I realize i want to spend more time around the people I love most.


My sample t shirt arrived today. This is what they will look like. The logo is on the front and the text on the back


I have been feeling like Rambo getting ready for war lately packing all my gear and moving to camp for the summer. I got a call from my friend Steve to go to an area that shines once a year for channel cat. Its a small window of opportunity so I jumped at the chance. I had only come home briefly and all of my cat fishing rods and gear were at camp. Luckily Steve had some spares. What a beautiful day to do some channel cat fishing. We caught plenty of fish as usual the biggest topped the scales at 15# even. That's a quality channel that I dought will be topped this year. I think the best part was the hot deer tenderloin cooked up hot on steve's stove SUPER YUMMY! Now back after the state record Flathead!




Harrisburg 11.9ft falling 

188,000 cubic feet per second at Safe harber. conditions Muddy 66 Deg. Safe Harbor dam spilling through flood gates. 227.0ft at safe harber. Spilling at holtwood 174.5 ft (165).holtwood spills 


Mon 5/19

Hbg. 11.2 falling 

Sfhrbr Tail race 175,000 muddy 61.5 227.2 ft

Hltwd 174.7ft


Took Mike and Gabe out for a 5 hour trip. We caught 4 and missed 3. The biggest was 9#. Water level was the Highest I have seen it. The resent cold front dropped the surface temp by 10 Deg. It was a chilly night with calm winds around 50. Fis where in the eddies their was lots of debris in the water column. They closed the York furnace ramp to repave it for memorial weekend. I put in at the seasonal campers dock launching site. I had allot of trouble getting my boat out I could smell my clutch afterwards. Having trouble finding a launch. Gamlers is afraid I will sue them ?  Pequea was flooded yesterday. That may be my only option. its 1.5 hours round trip out of my way.  Thanks PPL Couldn’t this have been done in march?


Partly sunny Hige 76 low 58 Chance of thunderstorms calm wind SW gusts to 12mph BP 30.5 falling

Hbg 9.4 falling 123,000CFS

Sfbr 137,000 cloudy 60Deg. 226.9 ft.

Hltwd 173.1 Ft.


I looked all over for a place to put my boat in today. I rode up to a private launch I knew of to see if I can find the owner. I happened upon a couple in a golf cart who gave me the owners name and number. I called twice and texted but I got no response. Finally after 1.5 hours I was going to launch my boat at the same place as last night then leave it in the water. I was almost in when I got a text from the ramp owner. He gave me permission so I headed there to put in. Once on  the water I went strait to the Pequea access to check its condition. It was STILL flooded. Its a good thing I didn’t drive all the way over there to put in. I scouted until my charter arrived. I had Lou and Ginger out for a 5 hour trip tonight. we caught 8 fish and missed several. Biggest fish was 11#. Both  Lou and ginger caught new PB catfish. It started to rain Just as the trip was finishing up.  



Weather partly sunny with severe thunderstorm warnings till 8 pm wind SW10mph gusts to 20MPH  

Hbg 7.4 steady 85,900CFS 

Sfhrbr 93,000cfs murky 59 226.5 ft   

Hltwd 165.5 spilling 

Comment I had Tim and John out on an 8 hr charter. We caught 10 fish biggest was 12.5#. Wind was calm now that safe harbor stopped spilling trough the flood gates we had much more useable current. We only needed 1 anchor. Bite was slow and the fish were not very aggressive. Best bite happened early while I was attaching a glow stick to the rod. I missed the fish. I think he rejected it when I changed the tension on him right before I set the hook.





Weaher partly Sunny calm with light wind High 73 low 56 

Hbg 8.0 steady

Sfhrbr 120,000Cfs 


Comments Jeremy Chuck and Rob Came out for an 8 hour charter. We caught around a Doz fish. Big fish was 34 pounds the rest were under 11#. Wind was calm the sky was clear with many shooting stars. 



The york furnace ramp was closed again last week so after a week off the water I came back to camp to run a 3 person 5 hr charter. It was very slow . I had some other freinds on the water and they were not catching much either. After 4 hours and no cats in thwe boat I was worried I was goiung to eat my garanty. We pulled up on the last spot and caught 4. The biggest was 11#. I felt bad the fishing was not good so we stayed over a half hour. Then we decided to go 1/2 way to an 8 hour trip for 1/3 the price. We only managed 1 more dink. We still had fun and some new PB  catfish were caught


Mike Daniel and tony came all the way from New Jersey to fish with me. We had a spectacular sunset and more action than the previous night. We caught around 15 fish. No size. We stayed out a little over but the big one never did hit. 


The water has warmed up alot I had 79 last night. The wind was calm with expected rain showers. river was at 4.5 at Harrisburg. Mike fron New Jersey came out for his 2nd trip in 2014. He brought his freind Joe. They were both fishermen wich makes my job much easier. We fished 5 hours 3 of wich it rained. Im glad I thought to throw more emergency ponchos aboard because they really came in handy. The bite was much better we caught over a Doz fish. 3 of wich were respectable a 23 a 22 and a 14. The 23 was Mikes biggest and the 14 Was Joes. 2 new personal best catfish for Hooked on catfishing guide service.  New PB catfish for repeat clients are what I am all about


Water temps are still holding at 79 deg. The river level is around 4.5 at harisburg. The weather has been gourgous. Perfect mid 70s days with low humidity. I had an 8 hour charter last night. The conditions were perfect. The catfishing was on fire. We got 27 total fish 6 over 20# and tied big fish of 2014 at 34#.  It was agreat night 


I had drew and cellie out on a 5 hour trip tonight. The cats were still biting good but its seemed like the rocks were biting better. We got stuck a good bit and I lost qite a few rigs tonight. We had several fish swim in a snag and we couldnt get them out. We caught about a dozen cats the 2 biggest were 14 and 22#'s. This was a fun couple. Im hoping to see them again this year. 


I had my best customers out on teus. Randy brought his dad this time so we had 3 generations of Eshelman's. We had a great night! The conditions were perfect. Water temps were 79 winds calm with a strong storm front aproaching. On my way home after the trip it POARED cats and dogs. We caught 42 fish. Big fish of the night was 25#. We got at least 4 in the teens. Randy hooked something special arond 1:30 AM. This was a fish that had power unlike most Ive seen in the upper 30's and low 40's. I havent seen a fish with this much potentiat since a fish I had hooked at long level 4 years ago. This thing was burning drag off a cinched down shimano 12000 d bait runner reel like it was easy. That 43 last year didnt have that much power. After battleing the river monster for several minuites my 60# leader to the hook broke. HEART BREAKER!!! I sure wanted to see that fish. Randy says "thats what keeps us coming back"! Indeed Randy.... it was good to see that after a few years of nothing super huge.  He is in there and I know where he is so ....Im on him :)

I incubated quite a few bugs this season. These Large dragaon fly looking bugs crawled out of the water and up my transducer cable in larvel form. Then they began metamorphisis right on my boat.. I noticed them as i was strapping my boat down at the end of the night.... far out!

I picked this group up at pequea access. When I arruived their was a fish commision officer their. When he saw me he came over . I thought he was going to give me a hard time. I figured he would say you need to KILL every flathead you catch. To my surprise he was very freindly. The first thing he said was. "I strongly beleive the next state record flathead will be caught from this body of water. Right away I could tell I was gonna like this guy. He was the regional head of the lower susquehanna river. He is very interested in increasing tourism  through people comeing to the susquehanna to catch big flat cats. I think he has seen how much flathead fever has hit the "susky". He gave me his contact info and said to write him and he could help my buisness gain additional exposure. What a great guy to have in my corner. I will def. be in touch with him. We went out on our trip. I dont think I ever had a group more exited to catch some cats.  We had a great time fishing even tough we didnt catch any monsters. Raymond brought his lucky pole and every time we wound up to move it had a catfish attached. He said this pole automatically catches catfish its majic. lol

Bob came out on his 3rd trip with me. He brought sushi last time and boy was it yummy. This time not only did he bring sushi but he brought all we could eat along with some other raw fish type varietys. I might be turning into a catfish because I LOVE cutbait :). after our feast we caught a pile of catfish includeing the beast pictured below. See what happens when you bring the captain good food .... Ill put you on the big fish:)

We have caught 2 catfish like this this year. Its weird because it is a clean cut. Like someone sliced him with a fillet knife. I wonder how that happened? If it may have been a rock or  maybe the hook could have done it? ...weird

I ordered some new head lamps because the old ones are wearing out. These babys are 300 lumens have a spot and flood featue and, only cost $30

My old green ugly stick tiger rod and daiwa sealine just make this sunset even prettier. I love sunsets 


My stern light quit on me a few trips ago. I wanted to replace it with an LED but they are salty as hell for some reason. Plus I needed to buy a new base for it as well. I incorperated a little red neck engeneering and taped a pill bottle to one of my worn out head lamps. It is WAY more visible than my old stern light and as my friend Jhon would say was free ninty free ;)

I have access to a private pond no one else fishes that is loaded with these hybrid green sunnys....easy bait! LOVE IT!

 I havent seen a deformed fish like this since Audreys "Quasimoto" back in 2012. This guy was really bad look at the back on this thing.

Ladies and gentelman the tie for big fish of 2014 has been broken it now stands at 37#. Congrats carson for subdueing such a massive river monster. Next stop .....60# plus :)

You wanna know how smart these flat cats are? This cat must have smelled the bait wall because he flailed right out of Daniels hands in to the bait well. The camera took the pic right afterwards It made for an amuseing shot

I was out catching some quality bait the other day.  I had a bream hooked. I was reeling it in. Just before I puuled it from the pond this 4# plus large mouth bass slamed it. Scared the hell out of me . I was not expecting that. Thats what I love about fishing. You never know what you are going to catch next.  

I have a freind who had these Catfish Nation custom blue cat rods made up for him. He gave me 1st dibs since he knew how much I liked them. He sold them to me to buy a rifle. Im SO glad he did. I admired these pole's alot last time I went to the lower patomac after blue cat. They are very heavy duty. In fact they are my heavyest poles. They sling an 8 oz. sinker and a 1.5 # bait with ease. They have a 12000d shimano bait runner reel mounted in the soilid aluminum real seat. I am making these my new personal rods. They can woop about anything I can hook. Great pappy cat is in SERIOUS TROUBLE!

I always find more fish when Im out scouting in between paying trips. Thats why It pays to book a full time guide.  Im out fishing nearly every night. 

After having the worst group of people ever on my boat. I started the next trip off with this pig. This group was allot of fun. They brought a radio along and it was great to have some tunes all night. Derrick already has his deposit in on his 2nd trip. Thats why I call it hooked on catfishing :)

This trip started off on the wrong foot. We were anchoring up on the 1st spot. As we were backing down to my spot the anchor rope broke. So I had to go all the way back to my camper to get my spare anchor. We went all the way back to set up on the same spot again and as we were backing down  Jeff noticed a rope floating in the water. It took me a moment to figure out what was going on but I realized My anchor rope I just broke was floating. as soon as I realized what was going on I shut the motor off. I looked where my old anchor rope was and sure enough it got sucked up in the jet foot. If I had waited another second to kill the motor. It would have gotten in the impellar and stalled the motor. I wasnt sure how bad it was all i knew was it was stuck in the motor and I couldnt get it out from in side the boat. After geting 1 fish in the 1st spot. I used the trolling motor to take us to a spot I found years ago that happend to be the perfect spot to extract the rope from the jet foot. Luckily it was not in the impellar it just knotted up in side the intake grate. About 20 min cutting it out just right so it all came out. I got it. We were back in buisness good as new. The fishing was on the slow side we only boated 10 fish or so. I think we were lucky that incedent didnt go worse. We still had fun despite the adversity

I have been tring to save this fender all season. I wired it, jb wellded it , tied it up with weed wacker string. No one will weld it because it is galvanized. It finaly just fell off all together so I said SCREW IT. My  trailer still tows the boat with out it

My new cell is a Samsung galaxy s5 active. Its a hell of an upgrade from my old s3. It takes 16 MP pictures and shoots video in 4k format. and ....Its camo. Ive seen alot of phones in my boat but this one takes the best night pics IMO

Over the years I have never got any really big channels from lake aldred. This beast was over 12 # and pulled like hell. I got him while out fishing alone. It was a nice surprise