Captains Log 2015 

March 2015

Hello catfish fans. Its about time I get this 2015 log goin. Spring has sprung and I am set to begin my 5th year guideing for catfish. I have  2 goals this year. One is to help as many people as I can catch more and bigger catfish.  The other is to catch the biggest fish ever caught in Pennsylvainina history.  To do this I must exceed  oldest state record set back in 1924 of 54 pounds 3 ounces. There is bigger flathead in the susquehanna for sure and I am going to devote my life to catching him. I got nothing to do but chase wisker fish. Big cats are eminent so, stay tuned  to my log  to see how my quest for Great Pappy Cat is going. 


I hit the river with no bait today. I grabbed some worms and figured i would hit a tributary for some cut bait. I Met up with the Hershey family for a quick visit I then hit spring creek for a little cut bait. The river was WAY higher that I planed. I struck out at spring creek so I hit the yellow breaches. I never saw it so hjigh. I went all the way to the damb dam after fall fish and didn't get a single one? The day wasn't a total loss because I caught 2 of these just before I left. The 2nd was about 18 inches. a quality small mouth.


Ive been trying to get out amoung my many preperations. The river is still in the mid 40s and the fish have not moved to their prespawn patterns yet this channel fought like a popsickel. He was very lethargic and cold to the touch. Soon the bite wil start but not yet. Its a good thing becuause I got a zillion preperations to make for this coming season. 



Wnter has flown by and I am scrambling to get everything ready for another fun filled season of Flathead fishing. I have gotten my motor profesionally serviced. My trailer has new tires new lights and bunk slicks. I have orderd some new black lights to replace the old ones that failed last August. I aquired 2 new combos  So now I have 7 new style shimano baitrunner reels for this year.  People seem to prefer spinning tackle so that is what I got. Bait fishing has been challenging so far this year. Ive been trying to stock pile some fall fish and chubs for early season channels while I finish my trailer. Geting 1 or 2 a trip isnt cutting it. I figure 1 more week of channel  cat fishing and Then its off to my catfish camp and the big Flathead. 


Started the year off with my 1st trip of 2015 yesterday. it was a good one. We caught over 30 channel cat. Big fish was a tie between 2 12.5 pounders. Then I went back out with friends and caught a pile more including this 14.5. It was my biggest cat so far this year. But not for long. I'm on my way to camp tomorrow.



I picked up two of the new okuma Battlecat spinning rods. they are 8 foot rated for 1-8 ounces and 15 to 60 pound test. I also got an 8 foot casting model which is rated for the same. Now that I've seen both. I actually prefer the 7 foot 6 casting model better. I paired the rods up with two Shimano Baitrunner 12000 D 's and a pen fathom. I wanted to try the two spinning rods out before I invested in all 6. I am very impressed. I think I will be buying 4 more. These things are sweet. I can't wait to try them out in the black lights to see how they glow. I'm just crazy enough to spray paint these if I need to.


 I'm back!! Let the sickness begin!

When I hit the water this afternoon Lake Aldred was as low as I have ever seen it and it still fell another three foot or so. I did lots of driving around. after seting up on my first spot they raised the level of the reservoir more than 5 feet in a half hour. the flow is strong tonight and it's more like a river than a reservoir out here. The new black lights are working better than I hoped. the old ones barely worked in the full moon these are outstanding. the best thing is I can't see them from where I'm sitting but they're still lighting up my line..  Ended up catching 10 fish total. Big fish was 18#


Hear at hooked on catfishing I tell it like it is. The truth is the fishing has been challengeing.  The tactics that used to do well for me are not as effective any more. I  beleive that the biggest fish in the state lives in lake aldred. I refuse to fish the easier fish up river. I will adapt and pattern these cats. I got nothin to do but fish and Im gonna fish hard


Every year spots change on lake aldred. Ive been doing extensive searching to find these spots. This beast of a flathead hit in an area I never fished before. This 38# monster tops  any flathead I caught in 2014.  A great start to my best season ever. 2015 is the year I will get the state record in my boat


My good freind Jhon came down to do some camping with his new girlfreind and her boy.  The main reservoir was too choppy so we did a little channel cat fishing in the back water near the ramp.  We caught his 1st 3 fish a channel a bass and a little green sunny.  We only fished a short while then we went to camp to enjoy a nice fire, good food, and some fellowship.  


I had 3 pipeliners from Arkansaw out tonight.  All 3 were cat men that  caught bigger flathead than I ever have. Donnies biggest tiped the scales at over 90#. They fish trot lines back home. That is a hole nother ball game than rod and reel fishing. I had alot of fun and learned alot from these guys. This is Larry's 2nd trip with me this year already. We caught a bunch of little ones for his fish fry . Then we finished the night off with this 29 pounder. He said He'll be back again later this year.  I takes a cat man to know a real catman when he meets one :)


June has started off as a rainy one. I brought my boat home for the week. The river wont be going up too much but Im going to let it settle a little before I fish.  I was starting to worry at the end of may that buisness may not pick up. Thank goodnes my phone has been ringing off the hook with people wanting to catch flathead.  I also get a few prank calls in the mix.  Some people love to hate on me I guess.  For every hater, there is 5 people rooting for me.  Every time I put my boat in on lake aldred I meet someone who I never met that knows my name.  One night I was putting in late and another boat was coming out. As I backed my rig in the water I over heard the guy tell his wife. "Thats the f-ing flathead king right there. I smiled It made me feel good. After parking my truck . We struck up a conversation. He knew me from fishing tournaments. He said he doesnt fish them any more because the guys running it are ass holes.  I have had issues with them as well. I just prefer to limit my exposure to egos, stubborn pride, drama and hate in my life. Plus I rarely get a saturday off and I gotta take that garanteed pay day.  I dont care how skilled of a cat man you are there is always that element of chance in fishing. If you fish long enough and often enough you will have a bad nights.  I dont think myself better than anyone else out there. Im just a guy who loves catfishing so much I would risk every thing to do it for a living.  If I had a family I would still be machineing. I have chosen to live my life by the seat of my pants never knowing if I will have enough for next months bills. I half to hustle because I alone control weather or not I get paid. Its much easier and safer machining but now that I have expeirienced true freedom I could never go back.  I am not a catfish whisperer. I am human and simply a fisherman who has evolved to love these flathead beyond most poeples comprehension. 


New boat best for 2015

I had Chuck ,Chuck Jr and, mark out for a 5 hour trip tonight. Let me tell you it was a good one.  We set up on a spot that usually produces big fish. We caught several dinks but didnt get any size untill a rod that was stuck started to get a nibble.  The fish moved off with the bait and chuck wound down on it. He got the pole out of the holder and attampted to move the fish. It didnt move at all I didnt see any life and it apeared chuck was still stuck. he continued to apply more preasure when all of a sudden the fish took off with a burst of raw power that only a 40 plus has. That fish continued to peel drag off a cinched down baitrunner like it was bass tackle. I warned chuck to get it to the boat or you will loose it. 1st  I went to get my video camera out. I gave that to chuck Jr. The fish was still bull dugging and pulling full drag like nothing. I saw that It was a fish worthy of the big net. By the time I had the big net and got in position chuck had the fish boat side in the safety zone.  eventually chuck was able to tire the fish enough to get it to the surface. I scooped for the fish and netted a huge catfish. I shouted with exitement. The fish was 40.5 # 43 inches and had a 27 inch girth. Chuck tied my personal best at 40.5 pounds  and tied for the 2nd biggest catfish ever aboard my boat. This fish was very powerful but chuck manged to get him to the boat and not let It swim in a snag. He will be submitting it to the PA fish commiission for angler award. It also qualifys for an Infisherman Magazine master Angler Award. Congrats to chuck on an absolute SLOB! That one is going to be hard to top this year


tie for 2nd biggest of 2015 38#

I had Kelly and Brian out for an all nighter tonight. Kelly showed up with some MONSTER bullhead for bait. I had enough bait but I couldnt say no. Those things were pushing 3 pounds easy. I put one on right away and I thought my Okuma Battle cat was going to break in 1/2 casting it and a 8 ounce sinker but it didnt. I must say I like the balle cats very muich so far. We had a great time and caught plenty of cats. About 4 hours in to the trip Kellys Bull head got NAILED. I thought sure it was the state record. Kelly hooked the fish and got it to the boat but it was only 16 pounds or so. These flathead never cease to amaze me how large of prey they can consume. If a 15 can eat that a 60 can eat what ever the hell it wants. On the 2nd to the last spot brian caught a 21 pounder wich was fish of the night. Kelly was pissed because he paid for the trip. He didnt know what he was instore for on the last spot. We set up on my finshing spot. and sat there for a half hour or so. Just like they always do the big flat cats got hungry right before the sun came up. Kelly hooked 1 that darted up river and swam in a snag. I knew it was a big fish the way it cut water with the line. We put the click on and waited for the fish to swim out. Eventually it did and it was huge! The fish instead of staying down darted up tward the surface. Stuck his Head out of the water and shook the hook loose. Another state record GONE. The cats started to feed as if someone fliped a switch. Before I knew it we had 4 lines out of the water and kelly had a slob on under the boat. After bvoating it we weighed it at 38 pounds. Another HUGE flatcat for 2015! I got a feeling about this year. Im thinking my time on the water is going to pay off big time.  


I went and did some exsploreing to find some new bait spots. The rains have mudded up many of my best spots so I had to go find more bait. I hit several spots on a creek I only fished a few times before. I ran in to sheep, cows an angry bull that freaked me out. I almost got bit by a snake fell down and nearly busted my ass all for about 40 baits. I remeber how tough baiting can be some times. But I beleive in giving my customers the best I can get for them what ever it takes. 

My new toys just arrived!. 1 of my last 3 berkley glowsticks failed so before the other 2 went I replaced them. I went with the ugly stick Tigers over the Battlecats for clients. The lighter action make fish feel bigger. They are15$ cheaper and, balance perfect with my reels. If they were 4 me I would choose the battlecats.

.I gave the rain gear the 1st good test of the year. It failed pretty miserably. I got drenched. I didn't mind getting wet at all because I had a great group tonight and the Catfish were hungry:) We caught over a dozen flat cat with the biggest at 24#. We ended the trip with a triple. A feisty 15 and 2 dinks. We had so much fun he is already planning his next trip this year. 3 new personal bests and 3 more people Hooked on Catfishing. Did I mention I LOVE my job 

I picked up some frog togs from walmark because I cant afford another gore tex suit. We Pulled an all nighter through some nasty storms last night.  my new Frog togs failed miserably. I got drenched... again. Not nearly as drenched as alex. he didnt have any rain gear and refused to put on 1 of my emergency ponchos. He didnt seem to mind the rain at all. We had a great night. We caught 5 cats over 20 pounds Big Fish was 29 . Of coarse we caught plenty of dinks to fill in the gaps. My hands are trashed but the fish must get in the boat. I have another trip tonight

Higher flows and lots of grass fouling our lines made for a tougher bite tonight. We still managed to put about 10 in the boat. Big fish was 15#. With this tropical storm coming tonight. I rescheduled tonight's trip. I hope it doesn't mess up the river to bad.

My new rain gear is here! Grundens! Worn by alaskan king crab fisherman...its the best in the world! This suit is light weight breathable and fits good. So far I like it alot.

finnaly got my bunk glides attached. Then I hit the river for some much needed bait. It was tough. I got 1 sunny. I need more bait options


Their is a private lake 1/4 mile from my home. It is large I would say 30 acres roughly. It is stocked by  the river and holds not just sunnys and bass but some of my favorite bait fish for flathead. I now have access to this unsinkable boat to take out on the lake. All I half to do is help construct a deck and steps to make it easier to access. the bank is very steep and it goes right into the lake. Once I get the water pumped out and a trolling motor on  this boat it wil make a very conveinient way to catch all the bait I need super close to home. I have been working to make this happen. I cant wait to see what else this lake has to offer!

A little lesson was re learned with this monster! We set up on a good spot right around 3 am. Right before the 1/2 hour buzzer rang a dink freight trained rod 3b. I figured we would give the spot a few more minuites since I had alot of confidence in it. After that 1st dink. Everytime we baited the same rod and casted to the same spot we caught a medium to small flathead. This happened many times. We got 1 or 2 on the other rods but tere was something they liked about 3b. and where the bait was cast. Wouldnt you know after pulling a dozen or more dinks off  the exact spot. This 43# hog took 3b down and sarted peeling drag from the reel.  Lesson to be learned to catch big flathead consistantly you must catfish in the cross hairs and fish the spot on the spot. This 43 pound giant ties the biggest flathead EVER aboard my boat!

I just happened to have Sam...the guy who booked the trip for the 1st 43 on my boat right after we tied their record. We had our shots we just werent able to get a hook in some exellent looking runs.   We didnt break the tie but we still got this quality 34 pounder along with lots of other great cat fish. 

I have been doing ALOT of personal fishing this year in between trips. I have learned a ton and I am evolveing in to a better fisherman by thinking outside the box and trying new innovations. I cant share these here . However, If you come fishing with me you will see what Im talking about. I am getting better every day. My confidence level is very high this year and I feel as if Im in the zone. I got nothing to do but cat fish. So I am gonna fish HARD!

I had so many bugs on my cowling last night it looked like it had hair. The next night it was even worse but I didnt get a picture. Their were so many it lined my boat in a carpet of bugs crunching when I walked. Luckily they dont bite they just fly up your nose in your ears and annoy the hell out of you.  They only hatch this bad in late june early july so we shouldnt have bug issues on your trip if you book. 

Dan drove all the way from long Island new york to fish with me. He only gave me a days notice but I was able to pull it off. He fished for the wells catfish in europe where he was originally from. He brought along a really neat tool from his style of european cat fishing. This wooden tool is known as the clonk. If you know how to use it right it is a fish calling device that simulates predatory game fish feeding.  He gave me a lesson on the proper use of one. He said in his home waters they never use the clonk at night because the wells will explode out of the water. Taking the clonk and the un lucky fisherman in to the drink. Not long after we started clonking a large fish came in on my sonar. coincedence? ....maybe not! I think I will have to get 1 of these and add it to my bag of tricks. I did not disapoint him and his father we landed some great american flathead with the biggest being 38#. He was inpressed by the flatheads power. Compared to a wells flaheads are like minnows. Wells can reach sizes over 275 pounds! He said he had a great experience and will be coming back later this year.  Hopefully he will bring his clonk for some more lessons. 

I had leroy and ike out on an all nighter Fri night.  The bite did slow down a bit but, we still had a  fun night. We manged 3 over 20 pounds with the biggest being 24 pounds. I enjoy fishing with Amish folks they are good people and christians like me.  Thay had a great time!  Once word gets out in lancaster county about me I am going to be a very busy man :)

46 POUNDS!!!!!!!!

  Dale asked Stacy what she wanted for her birthday and she said she wanted to catch big flathead catfish. They looked at the other guides and said the choice was easy. They do alot of bank fishing but stacy said she doesnt have much luck and dale catches most of the fish. Her luck changed on the 2nd fish of the night. She landed a 34# beast that will be hard to top as a new personal best.


 We were at the 2nd to the last spot of the night and dale said he didnt care if he caught 1 more dink. He just wanted to see the giant bait I had on my heaviest pole get a run. 10 minuites later he got his wish. The fish took off up river never moving the rod tip. If not for my black lights we never would have seen the strike. He did as instructed and stuck a quality 27 pound flatty. After a stron battle I had the fish in the net. Then we photographed and released it.


 At 4 am The trip was tecnically over. I didnt have a trip the next night, I had plenty of bait and they were a really fun group so I asked if they were up for 1 last spot. That was affirmative and we set up where we began the night. We landed a few dinkers. Before rod 4 got hit hard. Dale wound down on the fish and it apeared he missed it. How ever the fish darted back at the boat. Dale started winding up the slack before we figured out what was going on . He hooked a very green large fish right under the boat. After an intense battle I was not prepared for what I saw come to the surface. I almost sh#$t myself. I quickly got the big net and scooped up this giant. I couldnt beleive how huge it was. After unhooking it and clearing the net. I wanted a weight on this beast 1st thing. It was to heavy for me to lift and read the scale so  i held it up while standing on the front deck while Dale read. He said it was 47.5 pounds just 1 pound below the record. Every fisherman says they caught this and they caught that and its mostly a load of bull. I wanted to make sure every one knew EXACTLY how big this fish was so we made a video of us measureing it. It was 46.5 inches  long . Had a 26.5 inch girth and on video the scale said 46 pounds. So an honest 46 pounds it is. Just 3 pounds off the record. We also took a video of the release. That fish is in their now only a couple meals away from being a state record and I know where he lives:) That fish got my nerves so bad I couldnt sleep untill the next night. Did I mention I am in the ZONE :)


This is Joes 4th trip with me. Joe came down to catch a giant flathead. That is exactly what we did when brian hooked and landed this 42 pound beasty. This single fish is equal to a thousand dinks. The fish are getting bigger and I know that record could be the next cast. With this heavy a dose of the big cat fever I am pumped up for a true giant!

Tieing up some expeiramental rigs for rigging HUGE baits. 10/0 J hook and treble. 100 # flourocarbon 3/0 3 way swivel :) ooohhh oohh  aaahhh aahhhh :)

I love the colors of this butterfly. these colors would make a cool looking tie died tee shirt or long skirt. 

The summer peak finally came to an end, and the bite tapered off. My boat is an outide boat. That along with all the catfish slime bug carcases and  algae beginning to grow. I towed her home to give her a good preasure wash. She needed it

i have been searching for some medium action ugly stick combos to use for  spring channel cat fishing .  After a few weeks of searching....Score! 8 combos 5 shimonaos 3 quantums 7 uglysticks and 1 zebco catfish rod . 

Out on another solo mission tonight. August is the best month for shooting stars. They are every where tonight. It's a perfect night. The sky is clear and the river like a sheet of glass. Now all I need is 1 good bite;)

I finally got rid of my Samsung Galaxy glitch and ATT. I went back to an I phone 6 and verizon. I went from slow to busy. I booked 2 in a row yesterday and a 3rd in 2 weeks all 8 hour trips. After enjoying my 1st weekend off all summer. I can't wait to get back to what I do best. Let the good times roll 😀

As I was putting in early before a trip. I noticed a conoe floating accross lake aldred with out any one in it. I thought "This cant be good". as I pulled my truck and trailer out and parked a man cam down and began hitching up to a 6 conoe trailer with only 5 conoes on it. I told him he had an escapie. I offered to give him a lift to go get it. As we left the launch area and headed out for the conoe he noticed there was someone in the water. She was not far away so I aproached slowly to not produce to much wake . I yelled to her and she was coherent and she said she was ok. We pickd her up and headed for the conoe. When we got to the conoe we put my rear anchor in it and began to tow it back to the launch. I kept looking back to make sure the tow rope didnt wind up in my jet. I noticed her putting a multiple page letter that was in a zip lock baggie back in to her pocket. I asked her how she fell out of the conoe and she didnt know. She said she was a good conoeist and had experience in one. She said the conoe was already in the water and she thought she would take it for a spin. When we got back to the ramp I suggested she board the conoe and paddle it to the ramp. There was not a drop of water in it.  It seemed strange but my mind was set on getting extra bait for the nights trip. I dropped them off and she was very thankful and offered me money. I told her i wouldnt think of accepting her money and I was just glad she was ok. I head back out after bait and after thinkimg it through.  I put 2 and 2 together. I went back to the boat ramp and her and her van were gone . I wish I would have given her my card and told her If she needed a freind to talk to to call me . I think I may have saved someones life today

2 eight hour trips in a row is hard to pull off sometimes. I lost my second anchor in 2 consecutive trips the first night. I had a hard time getting another. We had two successful trips. The first we caught 15 fish total. the biggest fish were19 and 21 pounds. The 2nd trip was slow at 1st but got better in the am. We had 11 total big fish was a massive 37 pounds. You just never Know when a monster is going to bite next

The dog days are here and August is the best month for shooting stars. That's a lot of wishes for big fishes:)

Went out  at 4 am for some pre dawn walleye fishing. The walleye didn't cooperate but we did catch some of these jumping brown fish at dawn on Topwater. Good times.

I finally got that boat pumped out. I took it out when I needed bait most. Trolling motor had some issues and then the prop fell off leaving me stranded. It wasnt any fun but I managed to get back to the dock. Thats what I get for waiting untill last minuite to get bait. I had to stay up all night to get bait at dawn for a trip I had that night. 

I have had the worst cell phone trouble in 2015. It started when Att deleted my contacts and didnt properly back them up even after me telling them how important they were to me and that they were not backed up. They Ignored me when I called to try to get things resolved. ATT has the worst customer service ever and added insult to injury as I switched to verizon. I like Verizon becuase I have service at camp with att I needed a booster Antenna I bought for my camper. Other wise I was unable to communicate. After trying the Iphone 6 I just didnt have time to relearn IOS and the camera on it sucks I was sick of carrying 2 phones. Finally my phone troubles are over. I have a Note 4 I am very happy with. So for those of you who were trying to get ahold of me. I apologize. I hope things are resolved now. 

Ran that dog last night. Tough bite right now. I've been putting cats in the boat just no size. About the most impressive thing I have to show is my bait and the giant cats on my sonar I can't get to bite. I got a guy driving all the way from massetusettes to fish with me tommorrow. Biting or not I'm gonna run that dog again. I'll force feed them stubborn pusses if I gotta

Andy wanted to catch a flat head catfish. He drove 6 hours from massetusettes by him self to fish with me. The fish gods smiled on his efforts. Tonight was .good night we caught 16 fish. 3 big ones a 28,38,and a 40.5. That's 5 40's boat so far this year.... so far . I'm booked tommorrow too now,... so I'm gonna run that dog on day 5 of this catfish binge.

I know theirs a 60 in here some where ....I'll be paying them catfish dues in that dog.

Those Amish fellows from 2 weeks ago came back to try their luck at a big flathead. We boated a BIG 42 pound dog day flathead. Next biggest was 15. The rest all dinks. 12 total for the night. That's 6 ....beautiful flathead over 40 this year. I am booked sat night too. I can't wait to see how big they get.... Run that dog!

Persistence and time on the water will pay off. Here I go again.... run that dog

Ready for another batch of green rods 

OINK OINK!... 2 dog day pigs in the boat!

I ran my last dog day trip tonight. I had Calvin out trying a new technique tonight. We got him a new personal best that weighed 34 pounds. We caught some Dinks too but overall it was a slow night. I'm heading back home tomorrow for some supplies then back to Camp and more flathead fishing.

One night you get big ones the next night you don't that's the dog days for you. Last night was a slow one. We found a whole ton of shad and set up near them and waited for the flat had to come soup? Not even a nibble? We even snagged a big shad winding in. The most impressive flat head of the evening was on my sonar.

View from the office this evening. I love my job!

I wasn't booked last night. I was planing on fishing any how. Calvin volanteered to pay the entry fee if I would fish in the big money catfish tournament on Lake aldred. I figured what the hell. 38 boats showed up. Pay out for 1st place and big fish was nearly 3 grand. I Fished my butt off but it wasn't my night. I'm not positive but if I had to guess we were around 6th. The bite was tough and many left early. I was fortunate to get a 20 and 2 10s. It was fun and good to see some old friends I used to fish tourneys with. I also enjoy the creativity of how people set their boat up. Big cat fever is sweeping the susquehanna. 
Last night wasn't my night but maybe tonight is. I'm out in the safe harbor tail race paying them catfish dues. Any minute now.....

I had austin out for his 2nd trip with me. He brought his freing kevin who never caught a flathead. Th night started slow. about 2 am I got a call from my best customer mike. He tells me he just boated a 50 pound flathead. He wanted me to come varify it with my certified 60 pound boga grip.  I OKed it with my people and we went to see mikes giant flathead. I had austin take a video of the encounter. It was a grand fish but NOT 50 #. It was an honest 45 pounder a new PB for Mike. All caught on video. The flathead sure are getting HUGE this year! After that we relocated to a spot that has trated me well this year. It didnt disapoint. Austin got a new PB at 38.5 pound.  We also had another VERY large catfish on but the hook pulled out under the boat. Would have like to have seen that one,  All in all a fun night and one to remember. 

I just got done 3 in a row. First night we caught a little over 2 dozen with a 28.5 and a 24.5 being the good ones. 2nd night was off the hook. Got well over 30 with a 25 and a 30 pounder being the good ones. Then tonight they got lock jaw? We got about a dozen mostly small but we did manage a 20. All 3 will be back. Now my phone is blowing up for october. I am gonna be a busy man.

This is the new boat record at forty six and a half pounds. The Pennsylvania state record is 48.6 pounds. I'm knocking on the door. I've got about 2 more weeks of the best flathead fishing of the year. Time to fish hard.

Some things are more valuable than money. Last night's trip just sent his deposit for next year in oct today. I should be a fishing guide when I grow up:)










We boated an 8th 40 plus flathead for 2015 last night. This one went 42 pounds. These guys were corrections officers and great guys. They asked for as many buisness cards as I could spare at the end of the trip. I gave them over 100. 

 The last 3 nights I had 3 more cats over 40 pounds. And each night every one on board got a new personal best catfish.










Add another 41 pounder to the list:) We killed it tonight! My client asked me to not put his picture on the internet. So here is me with his fish. He booked this Thursday also which makes that his 4th trip in 2 weeks. I think he might be HOOKED ON CATFISHING! I am now booked every night through sat night. Let the monster slay fest continue:) State record here I come:)

Tonight was another good night. We had 8 fish 20-30 pound 3 fish 30-40 pounds and another 40 plus @ 41 pounds.

The Flat cat fishing was not quite as epic as the past few trips but we still had a great trip. We got 4 20-30 pound cats and 2 over 30. Big fish was 36 #. Not posting pictures to honor my clients wishes . I'm a bit beat up and sore but i still got 3 more nights left in this binge. Running this many trips in a row is challenging but I got this. Ill be posting up that state record soon.

We had a great trip last night. We had 4 over 20 pounds and so many dinks we lost track. Easily over 30 fish total. Big fish of the night was 29 pounds. 
Tonight I have my oldest freind from 3rd grade coming up to fish with me. I picked up some special bait for this trip. I'm going to show them a great time.











The river was coming up fast from the rain we got Thursday. Their was Only really 1 spot I could keep the debris off our lines. Luckily there was some big hungry flathead in that spot. We caught 8 total in 5 hours. Only 1 was under 20 pounds. We had 3 30 plus with big fish of the night being a 34.5 pounder. We had lots of good bites but we couldnt get hooks in them all. The ones we did catch were fighting lethargic. They are getting cold. Water temp was 50 even. Ive caught them down to 42 so there is still a chance at the record.

Thanks to my good friend Sam Esh who sent me 2 trips the past 2 weeks. I sent some pictures out at breakfast and booked tonight. This was Jays 5th trip with me and I got him 3 new personal best catfish. 1st PB was 23 pounds then a 30 pounder and last was a 36.5 pounder. We had a great night with a lot less debris coming down the river. The bite continues to be good. I need more bait.

 thought last night was going to be the last trip of the year but now Im booked this Sat too. We had LOTS of action but not much size. Well over 30 fish caught ... 4 over 20 ... big fish was 29#.










I more than likely ran my last trip of the year last Sat. night. It wasnt great but wasnt bad either. We got lots of bites and caught over 20 cats easily. The big ones eluded us. A 16.5 was big fish for the night.