Captains Log 2017

 Last year was my busiest season ever and I spent more time on the river than I ever have.  I SMASHED 2015's numbers of 20 pound plus cats. We boated a total of 14 Flathead over 40 pounds in 2016. A new boat best was caught at 47 pounds. I caught my new personal best at 42.5 pounds. The PA state record Flathead is 48.5 pounds. We were just 1 1/2 pounds short. That fish was released to do battle again another day.

  I am now booking for the 2017 cat fishing season. Weekends will go fast so send your deposits in today. It might just be your trip that catches the next Pennsylvania state record Flathead.


All I could think about last winter is having the best video set up to tell my story I could. This is one of many concoctions I built. One of the action cams weaknesses is no screen to frame the shot with.  So I made this rig to mount everything needed to make a professional presentation. It has a video light, external power soarse, cold shoe mount for my new Rhode stereo video mic pro with wind screen. to get rid of that terrible wind hiss. a smartphone mount used as a view finder and a tripod like PVC stand to keep it from falling over.  

I got my boat back from the shop in time to fish the city island tournament. Only 26 boats showed up. We managed 3rd. It was good to finish in the money. Tournament fishing is kind of like life. You cant always win but if you dont give up your day will come eventually.

1st trip of the year is in the books. Jake came back for his 4th trip with me . this  was a channel trip. We had lots of great action . Big fish was 11#

Trying to get this boat done. SO many projects left from last year. This one is an Aerator under my trolling motor bracket. It will save me a ton of $ in D batteries.

No more cutting on the lid of my keep alive bait tank. I finally rigged the board I bought last year it took some customizing. I like it it should work well

FINALLY! I moved back to my catfish camp for another season of hard core trophy Flathead hunting. We hit the water fishing for big fish not numbers. We only caught a few but it was enough to feed my addiction. I am super exited about the fun this season will bring. 
Let's share big cat adventures world. I am now booking for 2017. Let the sickness begin.

The big cat fever has begun in 2017. My big cat fever got stoked with some super fuel Friday night. On the 1st Flathead trip of the year. This 44 # slob showed up to give all 3 of us the shakes. It's a sighn of what this year is going to bring... I'm on em 😉

On our way back to the ramp it was bumpy as hell. I had 1 of my good Sony action cams on a adhesive mount on the cowling. Well Its now in the drink somewhere?  there goes $350 to the bottom of the river.  That's fishing for you. It seems something breaks nearly every trip. 

Im baaack!! :) ...I edited the video from Andrews trip. I uploaded it to YouTube. What do you guys think of the new camera set up?? Here is the 1st of many videos  to come as I get better at videography.  I've been feeling great lately. I'm  super exited to see how this season unfolds.  If my people (YOU!)  didn't know... you will be joining me on every adventure in the form of a Sony action cam.  We are goin catfishin yall, me and, the whole world . Sound like fun? . then ,... stick with me for some serious hardcore Flathead cat fishing. 

The 50 boat maximum showed up for last night's tournament on Lake aldred. It was perfect conditions with no wind low humidity and the water temperature in the high 60s. The bite was excellent. My partner and I caught a lot of fish. We finished the night with 67.89 lbs our big fish was 26.5 pounds. It was a good night. However not good enough. Three teams caught over 100lb 4 three fish. Big fish of the tournament was 48.1 pounds. Not far off the 48 and a half pound state record. He's in there and I'll Keep Fishin for him.

42.5!  Tied my PB fishing solo tonight! 2 over 40 and counting for 2017.

I had a client treat me to a charter trip yesterday. We fished with Captain Freddy from Andrea's toy charters out of New Jersey. We fished the Atlantic Ocean first. The stripers weren't hungry so Captain Eddie put us on some catching. We caught Seabass, Ling and taug. After that we headed into the mouth of the Hudson River with the New York city skyline in Plainview. Captain Eddie was marking a lot of stripers but we couldn't get them to bite. We fished the whole way around Staten Island. We then went back into the ocean to fish for Blues. The last setup was the best of the trip. we caught a bunch of Blues 1 striper and a few skate. It was a fun trip and very interesting to see how other outfits work.

I finally found some PVC large enough to make the new filters for my bait tanks. I went to pick them up not knowing what the guy wanted for them. Once we figured out what I needed. He said I could take them for free because he liked my story ;)