Captains Log 2018

Welcome catfish family, 2018 is going to be my year. I am determined to make Hooked on Catfishing the best it can be. I have so much to be excited about. Including the Cabala's King Kat tournament in Chester PA, another year of guiding and the potential to fish the King Kat Classic in Nov. I have never competed at the national level before so it will be a fun experience. How would you guys like to fish with me in the grand prize boat next year?  That is possible, so I'm doing this. Best of all I FINALLY took the 1st step and started my new YouTube channel. Its a start, it will get much better from here. I have a need to create and making videos are my creative outlet. The 1st 2 trips are on the calendar. I can't wait to see what we catch this year. Its time for me to make this happen. I have faith I can do it. 

Think BIG !

The Susquehanna River is well known for its nuclear power plant on 3 Mile Island. I am asked from time to time about mutant fish contaminated by radioactive discharge. Hear it is the proof mutant Flathead exist. This bi-whiskered freak is only 1 of the genetic freaks produced in the murky Susquehanna waters. The other is a size abnormality. Every other year or so a cat fish is hooked on my boat so big we just cant handle it. With power FAR exceeding what 40's are capable of . Sadly these freakishly huge Flathead. They always find a way to get off. 
Their are stories from divers working under the Holtwood dam. They speak of GIANT cat fish! bigger than Volkswagen's! The divers refused to dive again in fear of the Susquehanna River monsters. I thought this was an urban legend until the owners of the campground confirmed the divers were real and actually stayed at the campground I'm stationed at. I don't know about you catfish fans but I believe.

Here It is cat fam. The largest and oldest Pennsylvania state record fish. It was caught in 1924.  This musky weighed in at 54 LBS 3 oz. Its rein is over though. Theirs a new King of fishes coming.  A genetic freak of a Flathead so HUGE, it will not even seem real like a ghost from the Mississippi River.

 Its time Catfish get the respect they deserve as an apex predator and game fish worthy of management. 

It has Begun. Went out on the 1st trip of 2018 with my friend Austin. The weather was low 40's and sunny with a light breeze. The river temp was 39 degrees. The bite was a little slow but we both still caught. I caught a 16 1/2" walleye witch i had for dinner. Austin Caught the first Flathead for 2018 it was 22 pounds. He caught it on a medium action rod with 12 lb test. He also got a small channel.

I was going to start a blog. After attempting to figure it out. I feel Its best if I just post here. The Wix blog feature is not user friendly and is glitchy.