Captains Log 2020

 I spent the winter by myself off the grid in the mountains. It was a time for soul searching ,being at peace and, reconnecting with nature. 

We had steady action for the first catfish trip of 2020. The water temperature was 40 Degrees at the start of the day and warmed to 43 by the time we headed home. The river was high, muddy and running fast. We caught catfish at almost every spot we fished. Our personality's  clicked. We enjoyed each other's company. We caught 10 Channel Cats. The  biggest fish was 8 and 1/2 lb. These guys had a great time so, they made a deposit that evening for a Flathead trip later this year.

I decided to fish in the season opener catfish Mafia tournament on Lake Frederick at Goldsboro March 14th. My tournament partner’s were all busy, so I planned to fish it alone. I was talking on the phone with my father and he volunteered to join me. My dad and I don't fish together a whole lot so I looked forward to making memories with the old man. The turn out was near capacity  for Saturday's contest. I used my last $100 for the entry fee and gas. My dad was very excited he had never fished a tournament before. I set up on the first spot of the day. before all the lines were in my rod got freight trained. I hooked the fish and felt the tell tale head shakes you feel when you hook a teener. It was a huge channel. I babied the cat to the boat keeping it off the surface so it didn't throw the hooks in it's death roll. I  had dad  get in position  just down current of me to net the fish. Unfortunately he missed the first scoop and hit the fish with the hoop of the net. The fish popped off the hook and swam away. My heart skipped a beat. After the initial disappointment.  I gave instructions for improvement netting the next fish and we shook it off. At the next several spots we had some good bite's but they were smart ones. Some swam towards the boat others swam laterally in the current and dad missed a couple more. Dad felt bad because he knew i had everything riding on this one. He wanted me to start hooking his fish.  I told him if he could help cool if not I would have been fishing solo with only three rods anyway. We had a nine and a half pounder that had been laying on her side in the cat well most of the tournament. If the fish didn't swim away at weigh in it would be disqualified. At the end of the tournament I decided to replace it with a seven and a half pounder. That gamble turned out to be a mistake because as soon as I released my grip, putting her back in the drink she took off  like a rocket. She was playing possum the whole time. We fished hard right to the end and, at the last minute we raced the clock full Throttle back to the weigh-in. We arrived with 10 minutes to spare. We didn't have a very heavy catch but you just never know what could happen at the weigh-in. We weighed in 40 and a half pounds for 5 Channel Cats and came in 9th Place overall. Our biggest channel was nine and a half pounds. we were about 3 lbs. short of 3rd place. I fished my hardest. Things go the way they go once they're in the past all you can do is learn from it. I had a great time fishing with my father and I made a Priceless memory. 

Truck camping full time is challenging and uncertain. The current regulations for the covid- 19 virus make it even more so. I haven't known how things will work out since December but, they always have. God has been teaching me to be content and that worrying about the uncertain is a waste of my present. Through patience and perseverance the how comes eventually. Life is just a choice in each eternal moment between fear and love

The river was just under 6 ft at the Harrisburg gauge. I took my friend Carl who has allowed me to park at his house. It was a pleasant day. The water temperature was 50 degrees. We caught 7 small flatheads all together. We had bites from what I believe to be bigger ones that kept  mouthing our baits but seem to have become too smart to take them. We took 2 dinks home to make some catfish nuggets. I have never been much of a fish eater. They tasted a little slimy for my liking but Carl and his wife enjoyed them very much

Ken and I fished Lake Clark on a gorgeous spring evening. The water temperature was 55 degrees and rising.The river is clearing up and dropping. No flatheads were biting for us this evening but as the sun set we got in to some channel cats. The largest channel weighed 9 1/2 pounds.

The pursuit of happiness?

 I think the number one thing we humans seek in life is to be happy. So why is it so elusive? Why is it so many desire it but, only a few truly have it. The answer is that most people are looking in the wrong place. We will never find happiness looking out side our self. True happiness comes from within. Joy starts with resolving to love yourself unconditionally being true to thy self. Then following your bliss.

 We all got 2 wolves inside us. A good wolf and a bad wolf. They both want to eat. The one who wins out is the one you feed most. We have a choice in each eternal moment between fear and love. When a choice is to be made ask yourself. What would my hero do in this situation? Then, ask What would my coward do?

 For me becoming my own personal hero means evolving in to my best self. That means going all in with my very best effort, being an uncommon individual, Doing more of the things I love that fill me with joy. Living and sharing my passions with others. Being a man of virtue and strong moral character.

  Loa Tzu the sage of Taoism said "When we let go of what we are. We become who we might be." . Becoming our best self doesn't happen over night. By making a promise to yours truly not to give up until. It becomes a process like shedding layers of an onion.


How bad do you want it?


Different but same

  Today is Easter so it seems appropriate to write on the subject of passion. Passion is a profound word  interpreted with different meanings. The one that resonates best with me is "a willingness to suffer for what you love.". Passion is the fire that burns deep within the human heart. Its that thing that evokes strong and nearly uncontrollable emotions. The more you love it the more  you are willing to endure what it takes to have it.  When passion and purpose align grit is cultivated. Grit is the moral fiber of one who is hungry  Humans that display grit are  ones that persevere when most quit. Their the ones who want it just a little more and are fully determined not to quit until they have it. 












  We are united by our humanity through our differences. As I learn more about the many religions of the world. I notice that they are not only different but also the same. In fact they have more similarity's than differences. If you entertain the perspective that your neighbor is made up of the same humanity that you are made up of. That illuminates the insight  that others are more like you than different. When the bible verse" love  your neighbor as your self " is understood literally. It means our neighbor is just another version of our self in a different form. That would make bible verses like "do unto others as you would have done unto you" and "love your enemy" and "forgive those who sin against you" more logical wouldn't it. It seems we are all connected by a higher power. Like candles to the sun. We are one in the bond of love. 

    Matthew 22 vs 37,39  says “ Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Love him with all your mind”. This is the first and most important commandment. the second is LIKE it “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. This verse speaks to me in this context. God is saying it takes an inferno of passion to realize unconditional self love.  It takes unconditional self love to end self suffering.  Only that love burns with enough passion for compassion.

  What is your passion? What do you desire ? What makes you come alive? How would you really enjoy liveing your life . What would you do for free? What wakes you up in the mourning ? whats your why? what is worth suffering for?



I was out on a solo flat cat hunt the other night. The big fish drought is over. I am making a video to go with it. coming soon...

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