Frequently asked questions


I use the York furnace Boat ramp mostly. Put this in your GPS 6 Indian Steps road Airville PA 

Q. Can I keep fish to eat?

A. Here at hooked on catfishing we practice CPR (catch photo release) on all fish over 12#. If you would like to keep some under 12# you may, However I do not clean the fish for you 
Q. Do you only fish at night?
A. Most of my trips during the summer start an hour before sunset. Then run the duration in to the night. If you would like to fish during the day. The best time is during early spring for Channel Cats. They are over looked but are the true gem of the Susquehanna river. Flat head can also be caught in spring and fall during the day but the action isn't nearly as fast. The night bite is almost always better for Flathead.  Trips in late fall start early.. so naturally they end earlier to.
Q. Are you a full time fishing guide?

A. Yes! I have finally realized my dream to share my passion for fishing with others as a FULL

TIME fishing guide.

Q. When is the best time to book our trip?

A. The best fishing of the year is in October but I  can put big cats in the boat any time from April through November. Other Peak fishing months are usually  May and July. 

Q. Can we drink on your boat?

A. NO!

I have a no alcohol policy now. Unfortunately a few people are a buzz kill for many but, It was an issue to many times. Further, ariving intoxicated will forfeit your trip and you will still be responsible for the cost of the trip in full. 

Q. I have females in my group. What if they need to go to the bath room?

A. We can either make a trip to the shore or I can Take them back to the boat ramp where their are porta pots

Q. What time will our trip begin?

A. The majority of my trips begin an hour before sunset. 

Q. Where will we meet you at?

I fish the river mostly from Dock street Dam near Harrisburg  to conawingo Dam in Maryland. This is some 50 miles of river. i change ramp locations depending on fishing conditions. I mostly fish the lower 3 reservoirs Clarke Aldred and Conawingo. I fish Aldred the most because that is where my camp is. Their is a link to the location of Otter creek camp ground at the bottom of the catfish camp page