The pursuit of happiness

I think the number one thing we humans want in life is to be happy. So why is it so elusive? Why is it so many desire it but, only a few truly have it. The answer is that we will never find happiness looking out side our self. True happiness comes from within. Joy starts with resolving to love yourself unconditionally being true to thy self. Then following your bliss.

We all got 2 wolves inside us. A good wolf and a bad wolf. They both want to eat. The one who wins out is the one you feed most. We have a choice in each eternal moment between fear and love. When a choice is to be made ask yourself. What would my hero do in this situation? Then, ask What would my coward do?

For me becoming my own personal hero means evolving in to my best self. That means going all in with my very best effort, being an uncommon individual, Doing more of the things I love that fill me with joy. Living and sharing my passions with others. Being a man of virtue and strong moral character.

The purpose of life is growth. We keep growing until we are finished. The sage of Taoism Loa Tzu said "When we let go of who we are. We become who we might be." . Becoming our best self doesn't happen over night. By making a promise to yours truly not to give up until. It becomes a process like shedding layers of an onion.

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