What to bring

​1) Fishing licence​
2) Camera. I will be happy to take photos for you. I still recommend bringing your own camera to capture the moments that you want.
3) Head lamp. I have spares but If you would prefer to bring one you like and that fits well.  Please do so
4) Small cooler with any food and drinks you might want.


5) Large cooler to take cat fish to eat home in 
6)Appropriate clothing. Its always a little colder on the river so bring what you need to stay warm. If necessary for the conditions rain gear is a good Idea. I recoment foot ware that has tread on the soles such as sneakers or boots. Smooth soled shoes are NOT RECOMMENDED. They can be very  slippery on wet or slimy decking.

7) Sunscreen and  insect repellent ​

All bait and tackel is provided. Above Items are suggestions. All one really needs is appropriate clothing/footware and what ever you want to eat and drink.